Would you like to host a clinic?

If you like to host a clinic in your area let me know and we can start making  plans.

1 or 2 Day clinic with Jannie Smit


Clinics are focused on providing a quality education to all participants. There are Theory and Practical sessions where all participants will be involved. The Theory Participants are included in the practical session by observing and joining the conversation. Practical Participant numbers are limited, with a maximum of six riders.

All clinics are structured in a flowing manner, starting with theory and or body awareness followed by individual lessons and finishing with a discussion.

In the lessons I like to set up a personal program tailored for the person and the horse’s individual needs. Each lesson will be 30 – 40 minutes. Time for reflection has been set aside at the end of each day.

This clinic structure should not be viewed as a one off clinic. It is recommended that the skills of the participants be continually developed over time through follow up clinics, private and /or video lessons.

Practical Participants

All Practical Participant places are open to any rider looking to improve their horsemanship skills, from beginners through to more advanced riders. These participants are expected to have some basic horse handling skills and horses are expected to be familiar with basic handling. If this is not the case I need to be informed beforehand to assess and discuss the situation.

Theory Participants

Spectators are welcome at a cost. They can join in with the theory lessons and all body awareness. 

Clinic Fees

I have a set clinic fee and the host has the freedom to set the charge for the participants provided that my costs are met. If you are interesting in hosting a clinic I can send you the Clinic Organiser Document that has all fees and relevant information.

“In the most obvious, lies the greatest lesson”.

Jannie Smit