Jannie Smit

“Horses do have a voice, learn to listen to your horse”.


My journey with horses started when I was 7, at a riding school in the Netherlands. In 1997 I imigrated to Australia and not long after owned my own horses. I realised that the conventional training was not my thing and here my search started to a more horse friendly and holistic way of training and looking after horses.

I have had and still have guidance of many people when it comes to horses but the following have inspired me the most:

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling (Compact Schooling 2011)
Carolyn Resnick (Waterhole Rituals + Beyond the Waterhole Rituals clinic + private clinic 2012 – 2015)
Jason Wauters (private coaching 2013 – 2014)
Marijke de Jong (Straightness Training Mastery 2015 – 2017)
Noora Ehnqvist (clinic and private coaching 2014 – 2015)
Belinda Bolsenbroek (clinics 2015 – 2016)
Jossy Reynvoet (Bitless Art of Riding, Academy and private coaching 2014 – ongoing)
Academic Art of Riding – Bent Branderup (videos, books, clinic 2018, on-line lessons – ongoing)
Hanna Engstrom (clinic, private lessons, on-line courses and lessons 2017 – ongoing)
Mary Debono (on-line lesson, on-line course 2021 – ongoing) 


There are many more people that inspire me and there is hardly a day go by that I don’t have my nose in a book that helps me on my journey with horses. 


No matter how much you read or learn from other tutors, you’ll learn the most from your own horse.
You just have to listen.

Jannie Smit