Meditations guided by Equines

Explore body awareness and mindful activities.

Meditations guided by Equines

Explore body awareness and mindful activities to

create mind body balance
embrace your strengths
manage your energy
reduce anxiety
enjoy stillness in flow

Each session includes “tea with intention” as we ease into the practical meditations and body awareness activities with horses.

Sessions are held the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month. Through regular practice this work can cultivate shift in our lives as we open our hearts and minds.

Whether you are new or advanced with horses or simply want to reconnect with nature, these sessions will bring peace and balance into your life. Horse experience is not required. However, these practices do inspire our horses to want to be and learn with us.

It is more than a meditation. Each month features a new tea and a new practice.

session 1: Breath to DE-Stress
session 2: Connect to the Present
session 3: Be Gratitude
session 4: Your New Story
session 5: Strength with Softness
session 6: An RX for Anxiety
session 7: Open Heart; Open Mind

Date & Time:
Every first Sunday 9.30 am
Every third Sunday 3.30 pm

Other time slots available upon request for parties of 3 or more.

25 Corey Road
Queensland 4887

$20 for your first session 

$28 single session
$60 for 3 sessions (can be used any time)
Sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours

Preregistration is required.
Limited spots available.
Pay now or on the day.

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Follow your intuition instead of tradition.