From relationship to riding

There is no horse or human the same, there is no “one fit” training method for horses.


Equine Core Connection (ECC) offers a unique, mind-body approach to improve connection and performance with horses through mutual understanding and respect.

The ECC program guides you to work with your horse gymnastically on a physical and mental level from the ground up. This begins by creating a relaxed, trusting horse who accepts you as a worthy partner which is the foundation for bringing out the best in both horse and rider.

The process starts by exploring relationship without tack. As the connection evolves, physical asymmetries are addressed. Tack is added for refinement on the ground and under saddle.

ECC students will increase their awareness from the horse’s perspective – thus providing true self-reflection. The program integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of working with horses and adds value to any training program.






Core Essentials

Relationship is #1. Who is your horse is and how does your horse sees you.

A great way of exploring this is by “Hanging Out” with your horse in the paddock. Here you can observe you horses characteristics, needs, senses and behavior within its herd. It’s also a place where you can “Meet” each other without wanting anything from each other. No expectations or obligations. 

Within this environment we work with the natural herd behaviour of the horse to build on the relationship.

An other important part is to find clear communication within yourself. Once you have a clear mind and understanding you can start working on the connection between you and your horse.

This first step in being with horses is the most important one within ECC, one that you always come back to. To find this connection you work with horses at Liberty. This way it is very clear what your horse has to say.


As the word already says, these are the basics. But that is not to say they are of less importance. Quite the contrary, a solid understanding of the basics is an essential aspect in training.

Necessities are things like getting your horse out of the paddock, haltering, tying, cleaning, trailer loading.

Focus is where we work with exercises that will help your horse keep his focus on you and you focus on your horse. This is where we explore Body Language and Intention.

Leading is where you go through a progressive way of safely leading your horse and start to make a transition to the beginning of gymnastic work. 

Physical Aids can now be introduced to prepare for the Groundwork.






Here we start looking at your horse’s asymmetry. Through gymnastic exercise’s like circle work, shoulder-in, haunches-in, half-pass, pirouette and renvers you help your horse to become more straight and flexible. These exercises are done in Groundwork, In-Hand work and Lunging. 

In this part of the training you’ll set the foundations for riding and the more collected work. We also call this “Riding from the Ground”. It is the foundation of all the training.

In this process your horse will become stronger and more beautiful in mind and body. 

The Cavesson and a whip are the tools we use. If you are not familiar with a Cavesson or don’t have one we can help you find a suitable Cavesson that will fit your horse.


If the Basics and the Gymnastic Groundwork are in place then the Riding is a natural progression. All the aids from the groundwork are now implemented from the saddle. The only new aid we have now is our seat. 

The seat is the primary aid and this is why it is so important to take your time here to explore your seat. Feel and understand what is happening under you before we start to influence it.