I was recently watching a lecture by Bent Branderup where he said that he hoped that every student would have at one stage a difficult horse in their life.  Ivanhoe came into my life just over 10 years ago and our journey has for sure been a challenge in many ways.

It was at a time where my search for “a new way” of being with horses started. This came with a lot of uncertainties, trials, explorations and many mistakes.

There was a time where I was scared of him as we just did not understand each other and he is a “fighter”, not a “flighter”.

He certainly made me look at myself and I knew I had to open up and do a lot of self-reflection.

Physically he is not the easiest horse to become a riding horse. On top of that he slipped in the paddock and ended up with a twisted pelvis and SI injury.

I do realise it has not been easy on Ivanhoe as I had to learn a lot and he had to put up with me. He can become a little introverted if I stay too long in the “arena work”. It’s finding the balance; relationship, communication, gymnastic work, riding and most of all having fun.

It has been a lonely road for the last 10 years as not many people around me understood what I was searching for. But with the help of some great people and modern technology I have been able to access a lot of good training material, video and on-line live lessons.

I am very grateful that Ivanhoe is who he is and gives me the challenge I need to become a better (horse) person.

Thank you Ivanhoe.