Bent Branderup® Education Saddle

Bent Branderup® Education Saddle now available in Australia
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The Bent Branderup®  Education Saddle is a leather tree saddle, designed for the use with stirrups for the academic rider. This "Education Saddle" is made for the education of both horse and rider. Regarding the design and the features that make it easy to fit to both horse and rider, the Education Saddle resembles the Education Pad, but it has an iron in the front and in the rear and the leather tree gives it more stability.

Many people wished for a saddle where it is possible to use stirrups. Even though stirrups are not the primary focus during the education of an academic rider, they do deliver important information later on.

The most important technical issue is a correct weight distribution over the whole surface area of the saddle and not only punctually at the spot where the stirrups are attached. A stable inner construction enables an even distribution of weight and Bent Branderup® Products decided for a flexible leather tree with a front and a rear iron.

Due to the flexible tree and the simple outer appearance similar to the Education Pad the rider can feel the horse’s movement clearly and it does not become “dull”. The saddle also does not have knee pads or any other shapes that keep the rider in a certain position, but it keeps schooling the balance of the seat and gives the rider the possibility to place themselves precisely and freely where they need to be. Moreover, the rider can adjust the seat cushion as it is required by their anatomy.

Once the rider has an independent seat the stirrups become an additional aid and a conscious awareness of the pressure under the foot gives them information about the horse’s movement.

There are the cushions that soften the impact that the seat bones have on the horse’s back. But it is just as important to distribute the weight equally in the “seat triangle” (seat bones + pubic bone). The Education Saddle has the same saddle flaps as the Education Pad, which is made of soft seat leather where the leg rests. In this way there is more surface area for the upper leg and the thigh to carry part of the weight. This concept had a very positive effect on the pressure measurements that were taken before launching the saddles.

In the Academic Seat we rarely use rising trot for different reasons. Nonetheless, the pressure measurements also showed a very positive result during rising trot. It is possible with the saddles, BUT under certain circumstances that may be discussed further with the responsible Sales or Saddler Partner.

Balance of the rider’s seat

As it is not only important to have a well-fitting saddle to your horse, it is as important that the saddle fits you as the rider.

The most important difference from any other saddle is that you can change the seat part (upper part) of your Education Saddle to your individual seat. Each person has a different shape hips and pelvis. You can make these changes yourself with the supplied upholstery wool.

In the attached images you see a few suggestions and tips on how you can pad the seat filling appropriately in order to get a nice riding experience.