Exploring the Basics

I am currently working on a documentary for the Atherton Herberton Historic Railway. Marty is “the Voice” for this doco and this weekend we did the last recordings.

I had the feeling that I had not enough commentary with the footage but as a visual artist I should not be concerned about that as the image should say it all. I realised that I often feel the same when I am teaching, that feeling that I have to say something all the time. While as a student I know it is also nice when you have a chance to just focus on what you are doing without “the Voice”.

I talk a lot to myself and I also talk a lot to my horses. What would it be like if someone that was constantly talking to me? “Can you move over there so I can lift your foot to clean it”, “a shoulder in please”, “that was great but next time a little more bend”. It would drive me nuts.

So, I set myself a task not to say anything, only when it is really needed.

I have become a lot more aware of what I am doing. It has made me slow down and more relaxed in my body. I feel more quiet from within. Normally I would ask with a visual and/or physical aids plus I would use my voice (often without even realsing it). Now I have to rely purely on my visual or physical aids.

I rely far too much on my voice and I noticed that my visual or physical aids are a bit “sloppy”.

On the other hand I had some beautiful moments where I thought I had to use my voice but noticed by just making a small move my horse was responding.

I will keep my challenge up for a few days and see what other interesting things will pop up. I am not saying (pardon the punt) that we should not use our voice at all as it is a great tool but I definitely use it too much, and I think I am not the only one. Instead of it being a useful tool it becomes a lot of noise.

Maybe you like to try it as well. I would love to hear your experience.